Age of War

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The era of war approaches the world as the so called gods and the human race come together for the final battle. The friendships and the alliances would be tested to the maximum of the standards and only time can tell that which group will have the final upper hand in the battle.

The human relation with Fhrey proves to be weak and short lived but still ample to over throw the powers that have once been dominant on the world. Persephone proves to be the only one that keeps the human tribes united or under one roof against the gods and stops them from mutiny from within. Michale J. Sullivan composes the trilogy quite well and just when you as reader think that the trilogy will wrap up the whole saga the story takes another turn and reaches a new level where we expect more action in the time to come.

Nyphron at one end wants to spread the deadly fangs after a marriage that does not prove to be fruitful as she is betrayed by Raithe whom Persephone loves the most.

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The love and hate relationship along with treacherous and deceptive plans really garnishes the novel quite well and in the end the emergence of the new characters brings hope in the hearts of the human race once again.

As the novel closes in the voice of Tim Gerard Reynolds who is superb in such tales that describe the fight of ages. The third part is tough to understand without going through Age of Myth and Age of Swords as these books form the base of this thrilling series and also have the introduction of the main characters. Member Benefit

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