Ain’t She a Peach

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The author Molly Harper is back with her trademark writing style and clever humor in this epic Ain’t She a Peach novel. This novel is a contemporary fiction, which will blew your mind with a fascinating storyline and absolutely amazing characters. Molly Harper has been exceptional throughout her literary writing career. Novels like Where the Wild Things Bite and  A Witch’s Handbook of Kisses and Curses are a true reflection of her abilities and caliber.

Ain’t She a Peach is narrated by Amanda Ronconi. With so many successful collaborations between the author and the narrator, it is needless to say that this one is again a sensation. The performance of Amanda is outstanding.

An ex-police officer from Atlanta comes to the laid back Lake Sackett in the search of peace. But, he wasn’t able to bargain over his falling for Sheriff Frankie, who is the cutest and the most gorgeous coroner he has ever met. Franke has the distinction of talking to the dead people. It wasn’t anything like the ghost whispering but it seems a way rude in order to embalm them and not say hello at least.

Fortunately for Frankie at the Funeral Home & Bait Shop if McCready Family, all the eccentricities were good enough to fight right in. The county coroner and the embalmer, Sheriff Frankie immense styling and great passion for the nerd culture in a way means that she is not your type of a typical girl from Southern. But the McCready family is hardly anything close to being a typical Southern family. They were led by Aunt Tootie, who was the boozing and gambling matriarch of the McCready Family.


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