Alex Rider (Books 1-9)

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Anthony Horowitz novel is full of action and mystery and the way the story unfolds at each step is the most superb stroke of the writer. The story is all action from the first part to the ninth one. The first part starts with a bang when Alex finds his uncle dead and most of the people around him tell that he dies in an accident but accidental cars do not have bullet holes in their windscreens.

Alex comes to the do-or-die situation when he knows the secret and is given the technology to fight against the terrorist group not only to avenge the death of his uncle but also to save the children of his motherland. Each part is full of action and suspense there are a lot of murders as well in most parts and most of the murders are related to the school children who are under threat these days by the terrorists. The details of the crime scenes in all the nine parts are complete and they really help us to find the criminal behind the evil activities along with Alex.

Alex does it all in the series even he saves the world from nuclear wars and is almost killed in two places the young kid after every part of the series shows more maturity and courage has been allotted to him right from the beginning by the writer. The stories become more intense and the crimes more severe towards the later parts where the world is even threatened by a certain type of virus that possesses no cure at all, there are also tough decisions that the young boy Alex makes and then tries to prove his decisions right in almost all the cases.

There are two narrators the first parts are narrated by Oliver Chris and the last few parts are narrated by Dan Stevens, both have done justice with the task assigned and we don’t feel any sort of difference while hearing both of them. Listen to the Stranger Things: Worlds Turned Upside Down: The Official Behind-the-Scenes Companion – Gina McIntyre and Mickey Haller [1-6] – Michael Connelly for more thrilling stories if you like.


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