Alien (Invasion)

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The Rage War [02] Alien {Invasion} – Tim Lebbon

The addition of aliens in the predator series has enhanced the ruthless killing and the action in the tale. This is the second part of the trilogy and the killing is more than ever. The fight moves on to the next level as the aliens want to set their home on the earth by setting their future breed on the planet after laying eggs of course.

The predators too are not interested in the human race any more as the human race is inferior creature that is easily hunt able thus killing them does not seem to be an honor for the predators any more.

The predators like killing the aliens this time that are tougher to hunt and are powerful and superior race as compared to the humans. The attacks of the aliens are also organized and the earth becomes the fighting arena of these races.

Tim Lebbon has taken the next step quite brilliantly without damaging the impact of the first one. There are other two books of the same series The Rage War [03] Alien Vs. Predator {Armageddon} – Tim Lebbon, The Rage War [01] Predator {Incursion} – Tim Lebbon that can be read in continuation to this series in order to understand the whole concept of the predator world and enjoy the savageness that is in plenty in the whole trilogy.

Like the previous parts this part of the novel is also narrated by the same narrator John Chancer who has continued with the series quite well and the listener also forms an association with his voice as the series continues. The rise and fall of the voice is also excellent and accurate for the whole series.  


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