Alien: River of Pain

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When Allen Ripley finally comes back to earth, she realized that LV-426 has is now bearing another name – Acheron. With the level of protection, they’re receiving from Colonial Marines, the colonists seek to transform the storm-ravaged planet against all odds.

However, the daily struggles of the new world and the face of vicious living conditions, there is hope for humanity. Russel and Ann, two colonies looking for wealth that has eluded them on earth, are looking forward to the birth of their firstborn.

There is a newfound joy in the family with the birth of Rebecca Jordan. However, the growth and expansion of the colony mean there is a political struggle between the Weyland-Yutani scientists and the colonial marines. This is the fourth book in the line of Audible Original, Alien. The authors, Dirk Maggs, and Christopher Golden presented this book in a familiar manner just like the previous Alien books.

And the narrators also represented the characters exceptionally well with proper diction. More importantly, Anna Friel, who also narrated The Perfect Girlfriend made the book more interesting to listen to.

The entire story is a compelling one, as it provided enough details on the preceding events that happened at LV-426 and events at the beginning of Aliens.

It brings both suspense and terror from the beginning to the end of the book. Just like Out of Shadows, the audio representation of the characters is exceptional. The input of narrators such as William Hope, Michelle Ryan, Marc Warren, and Colin Salmon actually made the book more interesting. They represented the characters well and matched their roles perfectly.    Overall, Alien: River of Pain is a properly written novel that keeps the reader at the edge of their seats until the very end.

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