Alien: The Cold Forge

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Here, Weyland-Yutani is trying to pick himself up from the failure of Hadley’s Hope. He knows he has experienced a devastating setback as they lost some of the Aliens they’ve tried vehemently to exploit. But they still have something powerful they can rely on – The Cold Forge Facility.

They have been utilizing the RB-232 remote station to weaponize the Xenomorphs. Dorian Sudler had to go to RB-232 to assess the progress they’ve already made. However, he finds out that a spy is living among their midst. There’s someone who does not really act in the best interest of the company. Surely, she needs to get rid of this person before he exposes their secrets to the enemy and jeopardizes their entire plan.

The Alien Series is getting more interesting with the introduction of each book. The author of this particular book Alex White, continued where they left off in Aliens, The Official Movie Novelization.

The characters were presented in such a way that it is very easy to like them, whether they are playing the villain or the hero.

The author actually carries the reader along with his near perfect character buildup. One constant thing about Allen novels is how the people have been able to survive the Aliens. The aliens are always a threat, and the author has written the book in a way that will draw tension out from the reader.

The narrator Michael Braun also tagged along with his narration of the entire events in the book. In some novels, the characters may have a conflicting description compared to the roles they are playing in the novel. But there is nothing like that in this narration. Michael represented the characters exactly the way they should speak and act in the novel. Overall, the book is an interesting read for anyone who loves action-packed adventure novels with lots of suspense.

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