Alive in a Dead World

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The unending drama of human survival continues and even in desperate of times man has proved himself a survivor, a veteran who always gets up for the humanity that lies in the core. Help is running out along with the time and space that is provided to the humans and it is because of their own doings.

Thus it is up to them to prepare a cure one way or the other, though they are still not fighting because they think that they are too little in number but sooner or later they had to take the fight to the enemy.

Mark Tufo presses the humans like a spring that will jump back more after it is pressed with full force. Moreover interesting characters are always added not in bulk but enough to keep the appealing nature alive. In Zombie Fallout   and A Plague Upon Your Family  we observed Tommy and then the wonderful Bulldog that was more supportive to them than a human being. Now some enemies of unique nature appear on the scene which want to end the last trace of the Talbot family and along with it an era of humanity.

Just when they think that they have crushed the family and along with it the whole race we observe that the family survives the deadly fangs of death and still looking for the disposal of this alarming and hideous situation.

Mark Tufo is taking the story too far perhaps at this stage there is a need to stage two of the series in which the battle is taken to the enemy otherwise most of the people would lose interest in it. Narration by Sean Runnette also loses enthusiasm because the same pattern is being followed again and again.

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