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Brittany Pressley, Ashley Flowers, and Karissa Vacker have narrated this novel in quite a fine way for the audience. This is the debut novel by Ashley Flowers so it was something quite important for the author. The author introduces the town of Wakarusa first of all in the novel and the town is not like the ordinary places of the world rather it is spooky and it can give anyone a creepy feeling. Margot Davies was six years of age at the time when she was living in that part of the world.

One night she heard that January Jacobs was abducted from his house and later his dead body was found near the forest. The girl got really terrified because she knew that it could be her as well and she was lucky that she survived.

Later she moved to the city and after a span of twenty years, she comes back to the same place because her uncle is in a bad condition because of illness. She came to the town for the sake of her uncle but the old memories still haunted her from the inside. Then during her stay, she heard about another missing girl of the same age.

This time Margot thinks that she has to solve the case at any rate in order to save the little girl. The police and the locals don’t cooperate in the case and it is clear that they are hiding something. Margot still shows commitment and she vows to catch the killer. If you think that Robot Adept and Unicorn Point were dangerous and deadly then think again because it will make you tremble in thoughts.

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