All Together Dead

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Series is suddenly losing the comic sense and serious missions are approaching for the telepathic waitress. This next mission takes her directly into vampire politics that is more dangerous than the politics in the human world. Her fairy godmother gives her a warning that if she indulges into politics of the vampires she would get stuck in that world forever. Still she enters into the convention where the queen Sophie- Anne is presented for a trail.

Queen gets accused of killing the king which is incorrect according to Sookie. So she lands among all the vampires to prove them wrong. Time till sunrise is all that she got because at sunrise the queen will be put in front of it after which she would change into dust.

With the help of another one blessed with telepathic powers the girl starts collecting the clues at a fast pace. Instead of clues the two find bombs at the end of their hunt and it is revealed to them that the anti vampire group wants to get rid of them all at the same time. Everything is set for the day time when the vampires would be weak, Sookie with the help of her friends get rid of the bombs and save many life.

As compared to Dead to the World and Dead as a Doornail,  Johanna Parker is more grave in narration because the situation has been made bloody by Charlaine Harris . Dead bodies of humans and vampires can be seen in the last chapter as the battle is slowly building up now. Queen Sophie-Anne too loses her legs in the disaster; Sookie and her husband get wounded but not very seriously.



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