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The series goes on in a nice sequence; if anyone has left any of the parts then it is hard to understand the development in the story. The Series started when Xavier was lost on the drastic planet and his team moved on without him. It took ten years for the Hell Divers to return and save their old hero. Then together with the team working under the command of Michael Everhart, the old hero started a quest for truth. His quest stopped at the metal island and finally, he and his team were able to establish peace between the two societies that now live on the planet. Xavier is selected as the new head and he orders Michael to go into space once again to gather the rest of the survivors and bring them back to the planet.

Michael at once fulfills orders and starts towards space. On reaching the spot where they hoped to find more humans they confront enemies that have a plan to wipe out the human race from the face of the universe. Hell Divers surely possess the ability to stop them but the problem is that if they fail there would be no one else to rescue the humans.

Nicholas Sansbury Smith is winding up the series but with the end, there is also a big war approaching the land. R.C. Bray moves on the pattern of Hell Divers V: Captives and Hell Divers which was a quick success among the fans. Bray has no parallel in the narration of fantasies currently, and he has kept his focus well throughout the series. Now finale will decide the full and final impact of the author and narrator on the minds of the fans.

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    Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy


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