Allies of the Night

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Hunters’ trilogy started with the hunt of the Vampaneze in which Darren Shan the ex-vampire assistant and current Vampire Prince remained successful. Hard toil finally made Darren and his gang successful against their accursed enemies. Threats to the vampire world are over so Darren decides to return to school for the completion of his studies. He left his school education during Cirque du Freak: A Living Nightmare and Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant. All those adventures in a short period have not given him ample time to think about his personal life. But this time he thinks that he has some time to give to his educational career.

The school still looks to be a scary place for this newly emerging vampire lord as he calculates that there is something wrong with his surroundings. An evil force is keeping an eye on him from a distance and it is trying to reach near. The malevolent wants to see Darren dead, Darren on the other hand is more interested in knowing the cause of all these happenings. It amazes Darren that someone wants him dead even when he has not harmed it ever. Perhaps the time has come to show everyone the true colors of the powers that Darren possesses.

From the first part, Ralph Lister is trying to put some variations in narration with the help of which a listener can understand the development in the characters. At this point, the narrator has become completely successful because when the listener listens to Darren now he hears the voice of a leader. The boy is thinking something other than just personal stuff which is a unique thing to have in a young lad.

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    Hunters of the Dusk



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