Along the Broken Bay

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Along the Broken bay is a historical fiction novel with a lot of exciting content for the audience. This is one of the finest books, which the novelist Flora J. Solomon has written in her short career. The narration of this novel is a strong point, which is done masterfully by Sarah Mollo-Christensen.

The story of this novel is set in 1941, December. It was the time when the war got initiated in the Pacific and ignited danger for an American expat, who was living in the vicinity of Manila. Her name was Gina Capelli Thorpe. At the time when the Japanese invade the area during war and the husband of Gina goes missing, she leaves to the Zambales Mountains along with her daughter in order to avoid arrest or may be, even worse.

Desperate for having the required medicine, money and guns, the resistance hires Gina in order to join the underground forces and get her smuggled back to the vicinity of Manila.

There in Manila, she comes up with a new forged identity and started a night club, where all the seductive and charming beauties dance, sing and tease many secrets right out of the bigwig Japanese officers. This was when the immensely successful club and all its enemy regulars were considerably helping in funding the resistance.

Another historic fiction novel just like the subject one by the author, Flora J. Solomon is A Pledge of Silence. This novel also made the author Flora J. Solomon as the best-selling author in New York Times. The top quality narration of this audio book makes it a complete set of entertainment for the audience with hours of joy and excitement.




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