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Vetch was successful in the first book in raising a dragon of his own and then luckily he got the chance to train him too but all of this makes him a villain in the society he lives in. The people in the surrounding surely don’t get his idea and just when they are coming for him and his dragon, he makes an escape.

With several ideas in his mind he lands on the land where he was born and the native people to his good luck are ready to accept him but his idea to some is not applicable. Raising and riding dragons have never been the profession of the people of Alta and then Vetch wants them to fight too against warriors who have been training for centuries. The hero makes speeches and no doubt brilliant one but it appear tougher than training the dragon.

One thing that still holds the people of Alta together is their will to get freedom not matter how. As far as the author is concerned Mercedes Lackey just like in Joust adds some new fictional creatures like “Maggot” in the novel. The author does such things to keep the ride interesting until the main story sets on its course.

People of Alta are not landing in the battlefield in Sanctuary as well and thus the series that was intended to be a trilogy might get a fourth part too. Ryan Burke’s narration gets some hick ups in the middle but that are associated to few words only the narration is perfect if seen as a whole. Dragon training and raising is fun thing for the kids especially thus a lot in this for the kids of all ages.

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    Sanctuary Dragon Jousters Series, Book 3


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