American Duchess

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A novel that can take you back to the history most of the people have now forgotten, the history that takes us back to the original American Duchess. Consuelo Vanderbilt was the original not Meghan Markle who became the duchess at a very early age.

She was just eighteen when she was married to the old duke by force. She never wanted to marry the old duke that’s why she was late at her wedding day too. Even a typical drama was created when the girl remained crying during the marriage vows.

The marriage was not a success at all but the duchess was in her role, first she didn’t like the hectic duties that were given to her and then she started improving. Everyone was under the charm of that young girl including people like Winston Churchill and it made things easier for her. Along with status and power the duchess rose in confidence within no time.

The author Karen Harper really takes us to the era of 1895 where everything happens in so typical pattern. The novel discusses the type of independence for a woman that was not even thought about in that century.

Consuelo was the first to induce that idea in the mind of the young ladies of the time. Chasing Shadows and The Hiding Place were never so focused on feminism; this one is narrated by a woman, Ann Marie Gideon to show the true woman power all over. The history is correct the emotions however have been enhanced and decorated with strong words a little to give the book a novel shape rather than a history book.

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