An Anonymous Girl

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Psychological test goes wild for Jessica Farris as she expected that it would be an ordinary test after which she would be given the money that is promised. Ironically she fall a prey to Dr. Shield’s strange questions. The doctor not only asks questions but also wants the answer in truth that becomes tough for Jess.

As jess becomes a part of it she realizes that there is nothing left that she can hide in her mind as the doctor starts reading her mind. He can look deep into the things that she has been hiding for a long time from everyone around him. Thus she turns into a lab rat that cannot tell about its own opinions and whose life is even not precious for the one who is more interested in the outcome of his experiments.

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Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen move well together in the knitting of this fine tale that show the true face of humanity. There is also a mystery hidden behind each face in the novel which shows the true skill of the writer as he has given a new and strange personality to each and everyone. We are reminded of The Wife Between Us as well because of the psychological spice that is common in both of these novels.

There are two narrators being used in the narration department and Barrie Kreinik and Julia Whelan have narrated in segments they have not tried to mix their voices a lot. That’s why the voices not create a fuss in your mind and you can focus on a story that is already complex in its plot.



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