An Echo of Things to Come

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Heroes are rising once again and old powers that most of the people thought have vanished from the face of the world are remerging. In book two the time has come to select sides once again because the war that concluded in The Shadow of What Was Lost is going to start once again. Good to see James Islington starting right from where he left in the first part, no extra things tried and thus the story is still raw in flavor.

In narration too Michael Kramer started from where he left in the previous part so it is a continuing episode for the fans. Augurs have been hiding for decades after their loss and now the world needs their powers once more. The pact is made and they are allowed to come in the open again for the safety of the land they once ruled. Davian goes to the north for the securing of the walls but things appear far worse than anticipated. Dark forces are raiding the area and they mean real business this time.

The only way out for the clans is to unite as they once did in the past but after what they have all gone through things look a little impossible. Caeden too has an issue of his own that he wants to settle with the Lyth, so overall it is a complex sort of issues going on all around. The war is expected but the sides are still not clear, those expecting war have to wait till the opening of The Light of All That Falls, the last part of the saga. This part also compel the listener to listen to the last part because the story her leaves everyone guessing in so many ways.

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    The Shadow of What Was Lost

    The Light of All That Falls


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