An Offer from a Gentleman

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The novel is more like the Cinderella story that is being retold by Julia Quinn who has a habit of writing love stories full of romance. Previously in The Duke and I and The Viscount Who Loved Me the listeners have listened to love stories that were not fantasies rather they had the taste of real life. This one does not harp on the same line because it is the story of a girl who is the daughter of an Earl but after the death of her father she has turned into a maid.

Her stepmother has taken everything from her, including her happiness and she just mops the floor and cleans the dishes now. In such a situation in life, she never hoped that her Prince Charming would one day appear out of nowhere for her without the help of Fairy godmother. But that miracle did happen for her when she by accident came face to face with Benedict Bridgerton.

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She was not able to believe her eyes when she saw that graceful man helping her in an unusual situation. Benedict was in search of love or the right girl for him and he too was surprised that he found the perfect girl for him in a maid’s uniform. Although the man attracted Sophie she never had the hope of meeting him again in life because she knew that such things are temporary.

Rosalyn Landor narrates the sigh which Sophie utters in this situation but the girl does not start dreaming about a new happy life at once. She is fully aware of her situation in life and the fact that Benedict can find a better girl than her. The man on the other hand just cannot think of anyone else after seeing her and starts a desperate search for his love. Member Benefit

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