An Uneasy Alliance

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An Uneasy Alliance is the fourth book in the Sentenced to War novel series which is a work of science fiction and fantasy. The book is written jointly by J. N. Chaney and Jonathan P. Brazee. They both made a good name for themselves with science fiction and fantasy novels such as An Alliance Reforged and A Broken Alliance.

The audio narration of the book is done by Jeffrey Kafer. If you are listening to this series from the start then you couldn’t imagine anyone replacing him. He gave a truly magical performance.

The Centaurs might not pose too much of a threat. But, there was a risk of a new war looming for sure.

The alien tech rumors resulted in turning two governments completely against each other. The attention was all diverted towards the defeat of the Centaurs. Some criminal elements had their appendages firmly engrained in the line of civilization.

Sergeant Rev was given his task to the Home Guard. That was the elite unit of members coming from each of the military forces within the human space.

There came a new age upon all of us. It was the one with lots of treaties, exploration, and a range of new enemies. But, there was lots of tension on the rise. So, will it be possible for the Home Guard to operate as a unified and viable force to fight lawlessness throughout the galaxy?

Just like the previous novels in the series, this one will provide listeners with a fantastic ride right from the start to finish. This book marks the start of a new story arc, so expect to have more buildup and less action.

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