An Unreliable Truth

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Dylan Aster and Lily Ricci have their eyes set on tough cases because they want a quick rise in their profession. Being defence attorney in a city where lawlessness is like routine, they have been given ample opportunity to rise in their profession. Then an impossible case just comes to their office and both of them show reluctance in accepting the case. The case has approached a dead end because the criminal had accepted his crime and he was also covered in the DNA of the two murdered people.

The couple was murdered in a vicious way as only the pieces of their dead bodies was found. The criminal named Arlo Ward was not found at the same place rather he was found a little far away and when he admitted his crime the police thought that there was no need of further investigation. Dylan and Lily also thought of the same thing but soon they get approached by a psychiatrist who thinks that their client is actually psychologically sick.

Arlo’s mental condition forced him to accept everything and actually he was innocent and the real criminal was out there somewhere. Dylan has never seen such a case before and he does not want to lose this one because an innocent life can be saved in this way. Victor Methos has described a horrible crime scene in a brilliant way and the author maintains the class which he showed in A Killer’s Wife and Crimson Lake Road. The criminal is revealed quite later in the show and until then it is the discovery of the clues which keep us attracted.

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