Ancient Among Us

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Edward Savio tailored the fantasy quite well in the first book and now comes this exciting new chapter in which we witness the start of the epic battle. Alexander and his friends are now looking for answers about their past and the enemies that are following them. They have faced everything that one can never imagine; they have crashed cars through the buildings and nearly got killed in the deadly attacks.

Elam Khai the villain they come face to face this time is something more than all this. He can make the life of Alexander and his friends a living hell, the only thing they can do is to make a way out of the country. But the chase is on; the foes are not leaving their tails at any rate. Moreover the team has to find Alexander’s father who can help them in the battle against the enemies. Also it is Alexander’s father who can tell everyone the truth behind all of this and why the things that we saw in Alexander X really started in the first place.

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Will Wheaton narrates thrill in a way that its energy is enhanced and it is more appealing for the audience in all respects. The fight scenes are more than the previous parts but still the final fight does not seem near because there are several secrets yet to be revealed and the war does not seem to be for survival only now. The future of the whole human race and other specie now depend on the heroes who are not aware of their full potential even. Action scenes are not presented in an overcrowded manner and one can say that there is still more to the story than action. Member Benefit

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