Andrea Vernon and the Superhero-Industrial Complex

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The novel is written by Alexander C. Kane, who has already impressed a good range of fictional lovers with his immensely engaging books. This one is a contemporary science fiction novel and chapter 2 of the Andrea Vernon novel series. The narration of this novel was a great attempt by Bahni Turpin, who made it a good experience for the audience.

After more than 1 year post her efforts in saving the world from the invasion of Sparnaxian, Andrea Vernon is now in a very good place. She has been given superior responsibilities from her boss and she get to travel a lot. However, things on the other end with her superhero boyfriend being 8 feet 4 inches tall could get more serious.

Her boyfriend, the Big Axe and she sees a really fun and good best friend forever in him. But, that might not be the case actually with Never More, her BFF.

Never More is actually a supervillain, who is hell bent on to getting world domination and it seems that nothing at all could stop her. This was more the case since Congress is fully determined in bring up the Corporation for UltraHuman Protection and also the ‘Big Supe’ to come soon under the control of the government. Even with the help and efforts of the greatest ever superhero of the mankind fighting back, so will it go on to fall on Andrea Vernon for the sake of saving the day and that too, once again?

Andrea Vernon and the Corporation for UltraHuman Protection and Orlando People are top class contemporary science fiction novels that Alexander C. Kane has written. You will love to have them in their audio versions and would gladly recommend further down your friends’ list.

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