Angel Exterminatus

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Current novel is little away from the main war scenes; it talks about Perturabo in particular and neglects other characters that have been under discussion in the previous parts. Perturabo not an ordinary being is never allowed to rein supreme because of the people that surround him.

Being the master of Siegecraft,  Perturabo thinks that he is always overburdened and he and his legion even bear the burden of his brothers too. Time to change things is approaching as the master of siegecraft gets a chance to go in search of something capable of massive destruction.

A chance out of the blue ignites him to try to relive his dreams once again. Fulgrim sent Perturabo on the mission for his personal benefits but he has his own plans in the making and getting Xenos weaponry at hands might change his status in the entire galaxy forever. Plus there is something connected to this spot in the galaxy that has tortured Perturabo in his dreams even, it looks like that he is connected to it for some special reason.

Graham McNeil the author of the tale puts enemy on the tail of the warriors sent on an expedition so that things can appear more sensational. Equal in standards to False Gods and Fulgrim in all respects and Graham has been able to kept balance in all of the books that the author has created over the years.

David Timson’s voice gets distorted in thrilling scenes; perhaps the narrator tries to utter words in haste and does not get time for a second breath. It would have been good if David had tried to do work on voice clarity rather than sensation.

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