Angels Flight

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Michael Connelly is a phenomenal writer when it comes to writing the best detective novels and crime mystery thrillers. He is famously known for his LAPD detective character of Harry Bosch. Angels Flight is the 6th chapter of the Harry Bosch novel series which is a crime mystery thriller with loads of suspense that gradually subsides towards the end of the chapter.

This 6th chapter in the Harry Bosch novel series sees a change of voice from the renowned and acceptable performance of Dick Hill. The narrator this time is Peter Giles. His performance was good but not as good as Dick Hill, who had rather set the bar quite high.

The story in this novel starts with the killing of an activist attorney. The murder took place in a LA trolley known as Angels Flight. It was far away from the Hollywood turf of Harry Bosch. But, this case was extremely explosive and the enemies of the dead man were all inside the LAPD. The case came in the hands of Harry Bosch to take it to its conclusion.

The streets of LA are superheating and the Vegas marriage of Harry is unraveling. The hunt for the killer of the activist attorney took him to one more high profile murder case in the same vicinity. This was a case where one of the cops was found with the motive of the killing.

Michael Connelly as an author is known as the maestro of the universe where he breathes and that is the sphere of crime thrillers. He is good at whatever he does. The author in this 6th chapter is thoroughly consistent with all his skills and sizzle.


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