Angel’s Roar

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Shayne Silvers has written a perfect paranormal novel to make sure you will be amazed, thrilled, horrified, and get indulged into the story in different ways while accompanying the characters and the various events that will keep capturing your power of imagination in a unique way. Nicole Poole has provided excellent narration voice with all the expression that makes the story even more interesting and indulging for the listeners to keep them into it till the end.

The author has masterfully written all the characters and the story plot to keep the readers and listeners enjoying the horror-filled events that will surely captivate their minds making them unable to leave it.

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The story is around the wizard Callie Penrose who is destined to die, but will he? What will be happening around, how he will be surviving or will it be easy to die pathway? All things listeners will be exploring in this story.

Having angels’ blood is flowing in her body she is now a victim or we can say the one who has violated something and has broken out of the wizard’s groups and the priests who are now behind her.

She is now going to get contacted with new supernatural and those who will be roaming on the streets and who will be making the horrible victim stories of the innocent on the streets.The horrible whispers, the horrifying events and all the things that she has seen or is going to see will surely keep the reader’s heart pounding at its highest speed.

She will unfold the truth behind many things and her birth and she will know why everything is happening around her. The strange whispers will keep surrounding her and she will be knowing a lot more when she is going to explore more.

On the basis of all these happenings, she will have to decide the next journey, her destiny, and all that she wants to do.  Barney’s Version – Mordecai Richler and Seasons of Horror [1-3] re-up fixed – Dan Simmons maybe some other novels that you can enjoy after this one because these may bring more adventures in your free time.

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