Anvil Dark

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Anvil Dark is a science fiction and fantasy novel. It is the third book in the Backyard Starship novel series. It is co-authored by J. N. Chaney and Terry Maggert. You will once again find this dup at the best of their writing which will be just as good as what you found in their Worlds Apart novel. Moreover, you will be highly impressed with their work in the Red Bounty novel. Another great thing about these two recommended novels is that they are narrated extremely well.

Jeffrey Kafer is here with another splendid performance that will effortlessly in your heart.

The guild was all under attack and the Van was right in the center of that.

Master Yewlo got kidnapped by some unknown forces. At the same time, the Peacemakers were chucked into severe chaos, while the rescue mission was initiated as well. It will be a really hard thing to find Yewlo back again. But, his search revealed a lot of secrets about the guild that might not survive. The secrets were about a corrupt system and that will find Van and his team with their best efforts to discover the truth.

But, they might not like the things that they will find.

Van on the grimy station would look to find and confront the thieves who were behind the stolen lives. That was required for saving a Master who might not be having the best interest at heart for the guild.

Anvil Dark is a beautiful novel from an excellent series. You will want to have many more of these novels by the author, especially when they are so beautifully narrated like this one.

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