Apocalypse Z (Books 1-3)

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The trilogy of the Apocalypse Z by Manel Loureiro is must read if we are interested in mystery if you have read The Wrath of the Just (Apocalypse Z #3) – Manel Loureiro, Pamela Carmell (Translator) as well. The story starts in Russia by the warning that the human race gets that it would be destroyed by a virus that turns humans into monsters and all the humanity is gone in no time and the earth would be a place for devils only after this virus spreads on a large scale.

There is irony in the series as well as a lawyer by profession when starts writing blogs after the death of his wife comes to know that his blogs and journals were the last records of humanity and the humans before its complete inhalation because of the deadly virus that has no cure and it has left perhaps no one who could find a cure for it.

However towards the middle the heroic figure does emerge in the human race that provides the human race a chance for survival as he emerges on the time when there is everyone for himself only and the troops and the governments are no more to be seen who were at the start showing resistance against this zombie virus.

The survivor has only one weapon in stock and that is a makeshift weapon and nothing else but still his will to survive and courage to stand against the zombie world provides the human race the courage that was duly needed. Nick Podehl narrates according to the story and the feeling of awe in the human race is nicely depicted by the narrator’s voice which has surely left an impact on the presentation of the book.





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