Apprentice in Death

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The police department is always hopeful of finding clues near dead bodies or the crime spots whenever they come for an investigation. But there is nothing an investigation officer can do if those murdered are shot from a terrible distance. Guessing proves to be the only solution in this regard and most of the time guessing means closing of the case sooner or later.

Same thing happens with Eve Dallas in this new part by J.D. Robb when she is given a case of three murders on the same spot at the same time. Three people were shot dead on the ice skating rink all of a sudden and after close inspection of the videos the police come to know that it could have been the doings of a sniper.

Though the distance and the specific direction cannot be guessed easily but one thing is for sure that it is all the doing of a trained sniper and such skilled people are not huge in number.  Roarke’s wealth and connection again come in to play something that helped Eve a lot in Brotherhood in Death as well. The computer technology that Roarke possess provides Eve the lead to reach the spot from where the bullets were triggered. As she reaches the place she is shocked to know that there were two snipers present on that spot and the old one was perhaps teaching his skills to a new comer.

More such incidents are expected because the apprentice is just warming up according to Eve Dallas. A real race against time and the sensation can be felt in the narration of Susan Ericksen who does not usually create haste in narration of the tale.


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