Arena, Book 2

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Logan Jacobs takes the series forward in a systematic way in this second part of the book. The story shows a deep connection with the previous one and thus reading the first one before this one is never a bad idea. The narrator is the same as that was present in the first part and Joshua Story’ voice has settled well with the whole scenario of the story and works like a single unit with the whole thing.

Marc Havak once again serves as a hero who not only saves America from the alien invasion but also saves the rest of the planet along with the people in it. The hero is presented as a flawless being that is rock solid against the alien forces and like always the aliens don’t stand a chance against him in the arena of war.

The pure romance and love is not there as Mark is not attached to a single woman and never shows sentiments of that sort for anyone but he is always surrounded by beautiful women when the aliens are not around of course and thus the book has sex scenes as well that’s why it is not quite recommendable for the kids but overall it’s a neat little story with no turns and twists in the story, we also never visit the past life of the characters it’s all present that we live in and talk about all the time, the characters even show no concern for the future life as well it’s all raw fighting and then pure lusty enjoyment.

The first part Arena also had this type of storyline but the key is the description by the writer and the narrator.




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