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The magician of science fiction B.V. Larson returns with another part of the unending drama that depicts human race’s unending quest for peace in the world. The people of the earth with the aid of James McGill have been able to outclass every race that has tried to unleash hell on the earth. We see different forces trying different things in Tech World and Death World   but none have succeeded so far.

This time the aliens prove to have a solution of their own; a massive ship like object is detected in outer space by the people of the earth. No one knows who has launched or sent this gigantic object; everyone can tell only one thing that it is unstoppable. Every weapon on earth or in the possession of the earth’s government has no effect on the rock that is approaching the earth with full pace. Thus there is no negotiation of any sort and war is the option they are not left with.

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The clock is ticking for the people of the earth because the one who has sent this is not in a mode of invading he wants total destruction of the planet. This is the first time in the series that we observe negativity even in the might hero James because he is out of options unless the source is discovered in time.

Master narrator Mark Boyett provides the audience with a hasty feeling to that everyone can feel the ticking of the clock like a ticking time bomb. After the failure of each attempt the panic among the people increases more and more. That means that they are running out of options and the certain end is near.

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