Army of One

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B.V. Larson is known as the master of contemporary military based science fiction fantasy novels. He is quite popular and versatile within this genre and managed to get worldwide fame. It is also because of the quality of his content that literally make him so special in the literary writing domain.

He is a writer with huge demand and has got fans almost everywhere and in every aspect of literary writing. It is for this reason that a number of his printed books are now available in audiobook format as well. A couple of the most remembered novels from the author are Storm Assault and The Dead Sun. These two are chapters from the popular Star Force novel series by B. V. Larson.

The Army of One is a part from the Star Force novel series. It is a short introductory chapter that would familiarize you with the theme of the Star Force saga and what you could expect in the main chapters of the series.

It is a novel that would help in developing your interest to go through the entire Star force series, which is immensely tempting.

The Army of One is a novel little over 2.5 hours in length. It tells an extremely harrowing story of a hi-tech mayhem. You will find the Macros from the Star Force invading the skies and forcing a nanotized assassin to come into some really deadly action.

However, there is one man who decides to stay neutral and finds out that how hard it could be to completely avoid a sort of interstellar war.

The narration of Army of One is done by Mark Boyett in an awe inspiring voice. His voice was loved by the audience just like in many other chapters of the Star Force saga.

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