Arrow’s Fall

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Talia the most loyal servant of the queen of Valdemar has proved her loyalty at the toughest situations and now she is among those in the court who are not doubted by anyone. With this prestige she always stands in the court among the royals and keeps an eye on different happenings inside and outside the court.

Over the years keeping the queen and her heir Elspeth safe was her primary goal but know it is about Elspeth’s marriage. Several marriage proposals are at hand and the queen wants to choose the one who could be beneficial for Valdemar as well.

Among these proposals is the one with the tag of Prince Ancar, which is bound to be short listed soon but before that the queen wants Talia to investigate some matter about Prince Ancar.

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The Herald squad had doubts about Ancar’s court but they never expected such deadly things that they observed on reaching the court. Marriage proposal was just like the Trojan horse and people at Ancar were actually preparing for a fight and their magic seems more powerful that the Heralds. It’s “do or die” situation for Talia because if she fails Valdemar and its royal house is going down for sure.

Mercedes Lackey finalizes well what she started in Arrows of the Queen and Arrow’s Flight with Christa Lewis’ voice throughout the series is really of an epic proportion. There was magic, action in the first two episodes and the last episode also provided the thrill too that gives a grasping feeling to the listener. Rolan gets a little lesser role according to some critics but then he was never among the main characters and the story was not connected to him overall, his role was like that of a catalyst. Member Benefit

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    Arrow’s Flight

    Brightly Burning


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