Arrow’s Flight

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Christa Lewis’ voice is full of confidence in narration this time, the grip is firm and fluency is accurate. Mercedes Lackey depicted Talia as an ordinary girl who got a chance in form of Rolan to emerge and she cashed it well in the later stage of Arrows of the Queen.  Queen and her heir were safe in the end and now Talia has realized that she was a Herald by birth. It was her destiny that she fulfilled and Rolan was right about her all this time. Rest is what she requires at this time but it is not awarded to her at all.

As a Herald she has now more responsibilities than ever and denying it is not an option for her at all. Evil is spreading in the world and it is up to the Heralds to spread justice in Valdemar. Mercedes has never described such sort of evil in any of her books before and here it is taken to a different level. Step by step the path becomes difficult for the young girl who has just come to know about her own reality.

Each time Talia reaches a place and meets some creatures or people in an area her way of looking at things changes or in simple words her judgment about people improves. Now she knows what treachery and back stabbing is and to what extent the enemy can go for the fulfillment of its goals.

The most dangerous thing that she discovers is her own super powers that could bring massive destruction on the land if used in an inappropriate or an incorrect way.

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    Arrows of the Queen

    Arrow’s Fall


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