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The story has everything that could create mystery and suspense as well in our minds. Scott skipper has succeeded to create a story that is well knit and takes us from one corner of Mexico to the other. Vicki the main character or the widow in the show is someone whom we as the reader cannot comprehend because we till the last of the story cannot understand that whether she is a positive character or a negative one.

It is Vicki who is chased by people who could kill her and take all her wealth as well but at the same time her plans and schemes are more deadly than their evil plots which show that Vicki is not so innocent a character as she appears to be, we start thinking that perhaps it is not for the first time that she is stuck in such a trouble as she acts boldly and never for a moment shows any haste in the implementation of her plan that is full of lies as well. She wants to get rich and also find the dead body of her husband as well.
At the same time, Vicki has found someone who could enter her life as a permanent partner, this shows that she is also not that loyal to her dead husband as she appears to be in the beginning she too is utilitarian in approach and wants to save her skin and her future life. Elizabeth Kurz has narrated the story with a blend of Mexican and American style which makes the story more appealing to the mind and also the progress of the story becomes more visible.
More stories to let you enjoy the mystery and the thrilling events include Megalodon, Alien Affairs and A Little Rebellion Now and Then that most listeners admire as some of the great books to listen to.


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