Aru Shah and the Tree of Wishes

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Pandava series by Roshani Chokshi got much fame in India and then the series spread like a wild fire all over the world. Aru the main girl of the series is a well developed character and her presence depicts a hope to survive anything. She has faced many problems over the years but she has not backed down from a challenge.

Whether it is magic or a fight on the battleground the little girl is ready for every mission for the safety of her land. Now arouses a threat of war between the devas and the demons which means that all the people present around are in danger.

In the mean time their also comes a news that the Sleepers have two girls in their possession, one of those girls could prove very valuable role in the future. Aru goes for the rescue with her friends and comes back successful. Though Aru succeeds but the Sleepers’ prediction echoes in her mind according to which there is something wrong with one of the girls but which one no one knows.

Aru wants peace and also wants to save the lives of these two sisters for this she decides to go for the wishing tree so that she can make a wish and make all the troubles disappear. It is a good choice to make but the Sleepers also starts their journey towards the tree and it is a race whose finish will decide the fate of both. Once More upon a Time and Aru Shah and the End of Time made the author famous and this one attests it. Tiny trouble with Soneela Nankani’s narration, the narrator fails several times in doing justice with the male and female characters. The problem is that most of the females were teenagers and they needed a little shrill voice.

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