As Good as Dead

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The Cherokee Pointe Series, Book 1

At this novel the trilogy of the Cherokee Pointe completes and those who have read the work of Beverly Barton in the form of the previous two parts The Fifth Victim and The Last to Die knows what the series has in stock for its listeners.

It’s not just horror that entraps us in the realms of the mystery but also the personal experiences that the characters talk about every now and then makes us delve deeper in the crimes that are often psychologically knit into the past of the criminals and the culprits.

Another good thing about the series is that the narrator is the same and no doubt Marguerite Gavin has done justice with the job assigned. The narration is an extra force in this trilogy that attracts you and entraps you in the world of a murder mystery. This time the victims are redheaded women found face down in the water naked and killed with a ribbon that remains around their necks.

Life becomes a horrible nightmare for all the red-haired of the town as each one of them could be the next victim of the killer. The story shows a connection with the second part as the red-haired color that enters the town is the twin sister of Jazzy Talbot the one who was a suspect in the previous part.

Reve takes the help of the Sheriff to unravel her dark past and family secrets but the more she wants to investigate the more she faces hindrance from an unknown source that wants her to remain away from the thing that is buried in the past as some secrets should be left buried because of their darkness.  



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