As the Crow Flies

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Craig Johnson never misses out on any opportunity to impress his audience with the best mystery thrillers. As the Crow Flies is one such novel, which is action-packed thriller with top of the line thrill and suspense. The book belongs to the popular Walt Longmire novel series and this is its 8th chapter. George Guidall once again has done the narration job superbly with his awesome expressive voice.

It is al because of the immense success of Walt Longmire and the best literary skills of Craig Johnson, which helped him win many literary awards and he also got the best starred reviews from the Publishers Weekly, Library Journal and Kirkus Reviews. Sherriff Walt Longmire in this 8th chapter of the saga is looking for the Cheyenne Reservation in order to get a site for the sake of hosting the wedding reception of his daughter. This was exactly when he saw right in front of eyes, a woman fell off and dies

He was quick to move from a father’s role to his investigation detective role. He teamed up with Lolo Long, the charming tribal chief. It was a daunting task but Walt Longmire was determined and fully devoted himself to find the truth behind the death of the woman. That took time and some interesting twists and turns also came in the search.

The author Craig Johnson and his Walt Longmire series has many other novels, which got the fame that many other authors just dreams about. If you are convinced to read more from the author, and especially something from the Walt Longmire series, then you must check out the Hell Is Empty and A Serpent’s Tooth novels.






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