Ask Again, Yes

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The novel speak volumes about the exceptional grip of author Mary Beth Keane on literary matters. She as a writer has done an excellent job, especially by creating characters all in a mysterious and tragic setting. The narration of the book is done by Molly Pope in a very professional and relatable tone.

Mary Beth as an author with great sensitivity and insight created a story about two neighboring families living in a small suburban town. Their kids were very good friends and then there comes a tragedy that has it repercussions over a period of 4 decades and the situation demanded, rather showed the power of forgiveness.

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Brian Stanhope and Francis Gleeson, two rookie officers in NYPD are assigned to Bronx zone in the year 1973. They were never close friends at their workplace, but were actually living as next door neighbors. The instability of Brian’s better-half and the loneliness of Lena, Francis’s wife, actually set the stage for a number of astonishing events in line in the future.

Moreover, the story also had the romance that happened between the youngest daughter of Francis and the son of Brian. Both of them were born 6 months apart and their story had a lot to contribute in the overall shaping up of all the stunning events.

The other popular and highly appreciated books from the author are The walking People and Fever. You must check out these audio books to book yourself for hours of entertainment and that will eventually leave you with all praise for the author.

when you have some free time and need an indulging and fantasy filled world to explore, you can get involved in this novel. no listeners have been disappointed so far and you will not be disappointed as well indeed. Just make sure you have the taste of enjoying unexpected upcoming events.


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