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The joint venture of Mark Tufo and John O’ Brien comes to this second part, after the success of the first one the second one really needed some embellishment from the authors. It is because the audience now expects a lot from the two and they don’t want and atom of it short in any of the parts.

The new world was painted in detail and though there was action in the first book but a lot of time was consumed in the details of the new world and the aliens in possessed. Mike was lucky as compared to Jack because he has reached there with a friend named Trip the one that was present in the previous series. Thus he has company but Trip’s help is not ample so they have to make Jack a part of the surviving team.

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There are not just zombies on the planet that we saw in Those Left Behind and Tattered Remnants but the planet is loaded with extraordinary creatures known as the Whistlers. The situation of this planet is same and there is nothing different if it is compared with the worlds the heroes were in. However this is the world they don’t want to save at all.

In such circumstances running is a worthy choice they make till they find how they have reached on this part of the universe. The look for a door way but instead of the door way they find something evil deeply rooted in the planet.

An evil they were never prepared for, another hopeless situation for the trio makes them lose their will power and passion for survival. Sean utters sighs quite effectively we can really feel the pessimism developing in the hearts of the trio. Member Benefit

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