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Atomic Habits is a fine attempt by author James Clear. It is a nonfictional, motivational, inspirational and a self-development book. The author actually discusses some easy, clear and proven methods in order to develop good habits and break the bad ones. James Clear himself has done the narration of this audio book, which makes it even more motivating and interesting with his unique style of narration.

Atomic Habits became an instant hit in New York Times right after it got published. Atomic Habits doesn’t only talk about good things, but it gives you a proven and workable roadmap for improving yourself on daily basis. The author in this book comes with the most phenomenal practical strategies that will literate you that how to good habits and leave the bad ones. It also teaches about mastering the small behavior that could lead to some really amazing and remarkable results.

In case, you are having issues in altering your habits, then you aren’t the problem actually. It is your system who is at fault. The bad habits are such that they tend to repeat themselves over and over again. This happens not because you are not looking to change, but because you are having a system that is not supporting the change. Further, you are not able to rise up to the level of your goals. You just fall down to the level of your system. In this audio book, you will be introduced with a workable and an effective solution to help lift your system to the new heights.

The unique selling point of James Clear is his ability to simplify complex topics into easy to understand behaviors, which you could easily apply into your daily lives and work routine even.


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