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Camp Half-Blood Confidential

Camp Half-Blood has been the prime source of inspiration for the author since the day he started writing for the kids. Rick Riordan associates almost all of his fantasies to this one single place...

The Tyrant’s Tomb

Danger, fun and thrill combine to form the books that are fabricated by Rick Riordan, for years the author has been serving the kids corner. This particular book reminds us about The Red Pyramid...

The Serpent’s Shadow

The end approaches, Carter and Sadie have finally started realizing their true potential in magic and wizardry. They have a responsibility that they cannot deny at any rate as the descendents of the House...

The Throne of Fire

The bi-racial sister again come to the scene, this time in a strong way as now they know who they really are and what are the capable of.  The first part The Red Pyramid...

The Red Pyramid

New plot and new characters come from the pen of the mighty one i.e Rick Riordan who has amazed the kids through books like The Heroes of Olympus, Book One: The Lost Hero, and...