Auggie & Me: Three Wonder Stories Audiobook

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Auggie & Me: Three Wonder Stories

R.J Palacio has put together some of the best stories for the readers and this is a collection of three stories that would be a great gift for readers from the author who knows how much the readers love the character Auggie Pullman in his Book Wonder which was the best seller of New York Times.

As plotted in the stories, Auggie starts the journey with the characters Julian, Christopher and Charlotte and goes beyond the wonders of life as the story proceeds. This compilation of three stories consists of stories called, Julian, the Pluto where Christopher comes in and the Shing-a-sling about Charlotte.

The readers who loved the story Wonder would definitely love to hear these stories as these are about the three characters that Auggie met as the friends in the school. Julian being an antagonist is portrayed in the first story and how she has developed the character, whereas the second story tells about the Auggie’s friend Christopher and the third one is about Charlotte. In all these stories the connection is the Auggie who sees how these people have got through their life ventures and shared their experiences to show the path of life to him.

This is a perfect round up of the stories regarding Auggie and his friends that lead to the better understanding of the Wonder and The Julian chapter. R.J Palacio definitely has put some great effort to pull out the essence of the actual story. Now if you want to be with the Auggie again, these stories are perfect to carry on the journey.


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