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Authority is a mystery thriller novel written by A. K. Meek. It receives reasonably good reviews and feedbacks and those are enough to invest time in its audio narration. Ray Porter as the narrator of this novel gives another reason to listen to its audio narration.

The aliens came, fought with the mankind, mankind won but billions of humans died in that fight. Bow is the time for the mankind to rebuild after that massive destruction.

In this technothriller, the story starts with the neons and they do exactly what they are told. They are all chemically bound to all their masters by the untried type of a chemi-chip implant, which was created from the special technology of the aliens. They are all engineered genetically at much rapid speed in order to be the servants for the survivors, who bravely fought the war against the invading aliens. Reconstruction after the massive destruction would have been impossible, if neons weren’t there or referenced.

The phenomenal son of the genius, named as Colin Hanston is the one who actually invented the much need chemi-chip. He lived a quite simple and low profile life as a farmer and helped in feeding his vicinity as any responsible or a good citizen would do. But, just when he redeemed his neon servant voucher of his own named as Michael, then everything completely changed. The old friend of his father, who turned into a rebel showed up to further add to the mystery.

Thoughts as Water is another novel written beautifully by A. K. Meek. It is a collection of short stories and anthologies, which are based on science fiction fantasies and definitely something what the fictional lovers needs.

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