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Zoey lost herself in the Otherworld almost completely and then aid came to her just when she was least expecting it. Snatched out of misery, the marked one lives again but this is not her older version in terms of physical appearance. Neferet thought she had got rid of her old nemesis but when she came to Kalona she heard the sad news of the failure of her plan. With Kalona on her side she thinks that she has an extra edge in the war but still she is aware that Zoey will not remain quite for long.

Zoey with the queen of Sgiach has another opportunity at her hands; the queen wants Zoey to take her throne. Being a queen no doubt is a wonderful thing and with this power in hand Zoey would not have to return to the old mess. After all she has lost Heath during the whole nightmarish situation and Stark would never prove good in relation after all that they have gone through.

So staying away from the House of Night seems perfect to Zoey and then the old enemies plan to bring her back to the war zone. She appears to be a threat to all of those whom she faced in Chosen and Untamed so they want her dead at any cost.

Neferet plans to attract her back to where it all started and luckily she knows Zoey’s weakness too. P.C. Cast and Kirstin Cast are busy in giving hype to the series which means that it is not ending yet. More characters are being introduced and Zoey is getting upgraded. Caitlin Davies is going on with the narration, the narrator has become perfect in the job and more improvement of any kind is not needed.




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    Burned-House of Night



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