Baby, You’re Gonna Be Mine

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Fictional short stories are rare to find now a days because people like stories with facts and figures but still fictional stuff has not lost its charm. This is Kevin Wilson’s first effort in this form of literature and he has succeeded so far because each of the stories is like a jewel with a shine of its own. More than one type of stories add flavor to the book and it can have almost all kind of stories that the people like.

Kevin’s main aim however has been to tell the audience about family bond and the issues that are usually there between the old and the new generation. First story that we start with is the story of a man who finds a magic razor out of nowhere that can take him to different time zones. The second one narrates almost Perfect Little World type theme where the relationship of the elders and the old generation is apparent.

Then there is a story related to religion and religious icons seen through the eyes of a young boy. The story however that serves as the title of the book is stand alone type that depicts the life of a rock start, the competition he faces and the fame he gets as an outcome. Though each of the stories is different in theme but one way or the other they share some sort of connection between one another.

It is like the writer has woven one story on the base of the other. Kirby Heyborne and Johanna Parker go side by side in all the stories providing their lively voices to the characters.

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