Babylon’s Ashes

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The Expanse series manages to continue with the amazing involvement, which it managed to build in the audience right from book 1 of the series. James S. A. Corey is at his literary writing best once again and mesmerized a big group of audience including critics of his work. The book is a science fiction novel and it is part 6 of the fabulous The Expanse series. Once again, Jefferson Mays has come up with a beautiful performance as the narrator of this book. Credit for the audio book success is definitely shared by him as well.

This novel marks the beginning of a revolutionary brewing of many generations in the fire. This all is destined to end in blood.

A violent group of Belters by the name of The Free Navy has managed to cripple the Earth and initiated a piracy campaign along with violence with the colonists of the outer planets. The ships of the colony that are heading for the thousands of new alien worlds at the far end of the ring gates of the alien are subject to easy prey. And, there is absolutely no navy remains at all, who could protect them in any case.

James Holden had all the idea in the world about the strengths and weaknesses of the novice force and that is what he maximized.

It is never a bad idea to explore more novels written by James S. A. Corey. He is a fabulous writer and his work is promising enough to keep you entertained within a magnificent science fiction world. A couple of his recommended novels, which surely deserves a chance to be listened are Abaddonā€™s Gate and Leviathan Wakes.





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