Bad Blood- John Carreyrou

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The story takes us back to 2014, the dawn of a new era in the field of medicine suddenly collapsed after the fall of Theranos. The story by John Carreyrou reveals one of the biggest frauds in the world of today.

Theranos which was run by Elizabeth Holmes a revolutionist in the field of science and technology promised to deliver something that attracted everybody in no time and the companies all over the world started to invest in the Theranos’ share so that they too can become a part of that medical revolution which could be life-saving in the coming future.

The company and Elizabeth Holmes presented a vision that they would design such a machine which could make blood testing an easy thing. The product was supposed to be less time consuming and more economical as compared the blood tests through the sampling process.

There was only one problem that came in the way of all this dreaming and that was the working of the machine. The product never worked or perhaps Theranos never aimed at making a working model, it was all moonshine just to attract the investors and raise the share value of the company at once.

The fundraising reached the amount of nine billion dollars with no fruitful result at all. The story also tells about the wrong vision of the CEO that cost the company a huge fortune. Trying to achieve the extraordinary is not always a good idea for a company.

Will Damron narrates the whole thing in a cool, calm and clear manner so that it becomes understandable for any common man who wants an insight into the business world. You may also like to listen to Beneath a Scarlet Sky, The Culture Code and American Kingpin as they are also the best to enjoy quality stories in your spare time.


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