Bad Blood-Virgil Flowers Novel

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The Virgil series is always there for you if you are a fan of murder mysteries. Each part of the series is entirely different from the rest; the only thing that is common is the writing style and the narrator Eric Conger who is a perfectionist in his job. John Sandford in this fourth part of the series takes us to Southern Minnesota where a farmer is killed this time by a young boy.

The boy after hitting him puts him in the bean elevator and then himself reports the case to the sheriff and tells him that it was a mere accident. The sheriff in his confused state brings in the master detective once again who has surprised us in many cases in the novels like Rough Country and Shock Wave.

Virgil in a short moment of time solves the case and proves that the boy is guilty, thus within no time the boy is arrested. Later the boy too he is found dead hanging in his cell in the prison. A shock of a lifetime is what Virgil gets and the story too takes a gigantic turn. These turns and twists no doubt have been writer’s main tools in the series.

Through these tools the story within no time becomes totally different in intensity. This story too establishes its link with the old family enmity that has been there between the families of the two who were murdered since ages. The writer has no doubt paints the complete picture of the era and the place in a beautiful manner. Hard and corrosive truths are revealed that even disturb Virgil to the core as well.



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