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A fine addition to the Gray Man series as we find Court Gentry engaged in a battle for survival, a battle that could only end with the death of one of the rivals. Court at the start is described as a completely different man as compared to his past life that was all full of action and ruthless killings, he now wants a peaceful corner in life so that he can enjoy the remaining days of his life as a nobody and what better place for hiding could be than the Amazon rainforest.

The story quite beautifully describes the haunting past life that is going to destroy the present of Court in a single blow as the Russian crime king wants revenge and his blood thirst leads him to the Amazon even.

At each and every step we see Court trying to keep himself away from the war in which he does not want to indulge himself that’s why he starts his journey towards the next peaceful place he had in mind, Eddie’ home, the only man he could trust after his retirement but unluckily this only life support he had in mind is found dead when he arrives his home, the rest of the tale is just raw action and that is what Mark Greaney depicts best especially if his woven plots are joined to the voice of Jay Snyder, the listener could surely feel the energy and the surviving instinct of a man are aroused.

The story is really a great thing for those who have read previous books like Mission Critical and The Gray Man that share the same intensity in the description of the scenes and the theme is also to some extent related to revenge and past enmity.



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