Band of Brothers

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The author, Stephen E. Ambrose has come up with a compelling book, which is based on the American History. It specifically talks about the things, which either are blur in the history or there are too many speculations around them. Tim Jerome has given the narration of this book.

The book covers the history of East Company, the 506th Airborne Division, which was a reputable rifle company serving the US Army. Ambrose tells a lot of notable facts about the company, from the extensive training in 1942 in Georgia to D-Day and then having the victory. The Easy Company was behind everything starting from the parachuting activity into France I the wee hours of D-Day to the event of capturing the Eagle’s Nest of Hitler at Berchtesgaden.

If we talk specifically about the Band of brothers book then it tells a story about the men of this renowned unit, who not only fought bravely, but also dealt with hunger, freezing cold, and died as well. It is a company, which took as many as 150% casualties and regarded the prestigious Purple Heart Badge as a symbol of office. Depicting on long hours of talks with the fighters and as well as the journals and letters of the soldiers, the author narrates the stories in the men’s own words, regarding all those significant American heroes.

Crazy Horse and Custer and Undaunted Courage are other notable books by Stephen E. Ambrose. Just like the subject book under review, the recommended book are also nonfiction and based on different events and things related to American history. If that is what interest you, then these books with powerful narrations shouldn’t be missed out at all.






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