Bastion of the Reaper

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Bastion of the Reaper is the 10th volume of The Last Reaper novel series. It is an action and adventure novel. The authors behind this literary piece are J. N. Chaney and Scott Moon. They are mainly known for writing science fiction and have done an amazing job in this The Last Reaper series. Wrath of the Reaper and Fear the Reaper is a couple of very good examples of their work.

Tom Taylorson is here for the audio narration of this Bastion of the Reaper novel. He was simply outstanding with his part and you will have a good time with his performance.

Halek Cain had one chance for saving all whom he loved and cared about.

The entire Alon Empire intensified its efforts to take over Yansden and also to shred that planet bare. The huge fleets of the planet devoured almost every other star system that they came across. They demanded to have complete submission and to show no room for mercy at all.

Many of the Neverseen were seen rising well from the oceans, forests, and the wilderness of the desert. They were found to be blood-thirsty as well. Halek along with his crew restricted both of his tough enemies once. However, they had their backs against the wall. In that situation, they must look ahead to escape themselves or just prepare to die. The Black Phoenix was acquired from ancient ruins in recent times. It grew more powerful with every passing day…

It is a lovely story that has a lot of emotion and great excitement. Tom once again impressed his fans with the magnificent narration of this audiobook.


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